Photography Workshops are abundant…

I am a HUGE proponent of continuous learning.   I really do believe that once you stop learning and growing, you start dying.

In the photography world, the learning possibilities out there are too numerous to count.  There are free videos…  online courses…  weekend workshops…  picking and choosing can really hurt your brain.

Last week I spent the week with over 1000 other photographers, in Dallas, at Texas School of Professional Photography.  Although I have attended many other workshops and classes, it was my first time at Texas School.

I spent the first day listening to Julianne Kost overload my brain with the potential of Lightroom and PhotoShop.  The next day I listened to 2 photographers, each with 30+ years of experience, talk about light in such a poetic, soulful way…  but technically all of that learning happened before Texas School really even began.

Photography workshops composites

The way that Texas School is set up, you spend the week with one instructor.  ONE!!!   That might be the hardest part of Texas School…  choosing the ONE instructor you want to spend the week with out of the over 30 possibilities.  If you have a defined specialty like photoshop paintings or volume sports photography, it helped narrow your choices, but I, for one, had a really hard time choosing an instructor.  After checking out his funky fashion, I chose to spend the largest chunk of my time with Wisconsin photographer Dan Frievalt as my instructor.  With Dan we learned some shooting techniques, some cool photoshop techniques, marketing and sales stuff.  It was a pretty comprehensive class.

I got to learn about montages…

Photography Workshops

I got to shoot a parachute dress…  I also spent a large amount of time under the parachute dress, fluffing it between shots…

Parachute Dress

One of the often overlooked benefits of in person photography workshops (over an online/ video course) is the other photographers that you meet.  I made so many new friends.  It was awesome!

Texas School 2016

Above photo by Marie “Marnie” Sharp


2 thoughts to “My Week at Texas School | Photography Workshops

  • Alex

    This looks like an amazing experience! Wish we had something like that around here!

    • gblairph

      Alex, they did have people from 45 US states and 6 (maybe 7) countries. 😉


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