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Thirteen…  Ask most people if they would want to go back to thirteen and they would say no…  no hesitation…  no thoughtful pondering…  just no.   It is no wonder that few people think of having teen portraits taken.

Austin Teen PortraitsAustin Teen Portraits

Why Teen Portraits

People think of Senior Portraits when they think about getting their teen photographed, but  rarely to people think of getting their 13 year old’s pictures taken.  Teen portraits and tween portraits are special.  I would argue that your teen changes as much between 13-18 as they do between 2-7.  Well  maybe not quite as much, but it is a close second.  In a way, it is almost like the last stretch of childhood.

Austin Teen Photography

Austin Teen Portraits

Confidence Building

We can all think back to the chaos of thirteen.  The hormones…  the emotions…  the middle school drama…  I have asked mom’s over the years what is the one thing that they really want for their teen daughters.  What is the core foundation that they want to give them.  It wall seems to come down to confidence.  Moms want their daughters to know that they are loved, strong, worthy and beautiful.  Everything that moms do, we do with the hope to instill these values into our daughters.   Round Rock Teen Portraits

How far would great portraits go in building confidence?  Don’t you wish that just once your daughter could see themselves through your eyes?  To see the potential, the promise, the beauty that you see?





Our daughters are bombarded with images of “beauty.”  Over sexualized…  over photoshopped…  fake images of beauty based on superficial standards.  My passion is to help teen and tween girls see that their beauty comes from the inside.  That beauty isn’t a clothing size…  a hair color…   a measurement.  My goal is to help them see true beauty in themselves.

Here is a tween session from a couple of years ago…


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