Just like so many other people, every fall we set out to take family portraits. Years ago this was accomplished by a self timer and a lot of running back and forth. Now luckily I have the fabulous Jennifer Weems of Jennifer Weems Photography. Jennifer is a wedding photographer in the area that I often second shoot for. Every December we trade off and I shoot her family and she shoots mine. This year she blessed us with this fabulous shot…


Family portraits are tough work. Once you schedule with the photographer, then you start assembling the wardrobe. It is easy to spend $500+ just on the clothes for your pictures. I tend to start looking a month or so before. I pick the colors for our palette. This year the inspiration for the yellow and gray came from the yellow jeans I bought for the second grader this fall during back to school buying. The next step is rummaging through everyone’s closet to see what we already have that works. Then, because I am the thrifty girl that I am, I wandered around the local thrift stores to see what I could find in our color scheme. I think I got the boy’s whole outfit is second hand. This year I found that ebay was a great resource for finding certain colors of clothes, except we did have the issue that I haven’t shopped on ebay since our move from Washington. The great deal on a $4 boys yellow and black plaid button down isn’t such a good deal when it ends up in Maple Valley, WA. Layers and accessories are incredibly important. They do so much to add interest to any portrait, but in family portraits when you are trying to tie together a color scheme, they are the key ingredient. We were thrown a curve ball when the weather plummeted the day before our session. I was out at the last minute scrambling for long sleeves, tights, and jackets…


During your session when the kids are crazy and you are starting to get irritated, be assured that I know that frustration of just wanting all of your family members to just look at the camera with a pleasant expression. I have been there. Done that. Sometimes it takes a ton of shots to achieve success.

But dotted through all the crazy shots, you get a couple of gems.


I do have to say that I am such a sucker for the personality shots though. They make me smile and help me to remember what a crazy and (mostly) fun time in life I we are in.


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  • jennifer Weems

    So much fun. My favorites are the ones where everyone is showing their super cute personalities. Love the editing you did on the first couple shots!


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