The Importance of Prettiness | Empowering Girls Beyond their Appearance.
empowering teen girls

My Dilemma I must admit…  One of my prouder motherhood moments is hearing that my 9-year-old daughter’s response to someone telling her that her clothes weren’t the right brand was “well, you are just shallow.” If you know me personally, you know that could care less about superficial things.  I don’t follow trends or celebrities. […]

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Christian | Senior Portraits aren’t Just for Girls
Georgetown Photographer

We always see great Senior Portraits of girls.  Christian mom called me to set up a late in the season senior session for him after seeing his girl friend’s senior portraits.   While Christian wasn’t really wanting quite as extensive of a session that his girl friend had, he still wanted this moment of his […]

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My own Senior | Austin Senior Portraits
Austin Senior Photography

As I was working to order announcements for my clients, my stress level was rising because I hadn’t gotten around to taking my own daughter’s senior portraits.  Here we are 6 weeks before graduation and we hadn’t done pictures. I had visions of doing my daughter’s portraits while we were in Seattle this past summer.  It […]

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Portraits on the UT Campus | Kamrey

Kamrey is a future Longhorn, so it seemed only appropriate to take her senior portraits on the UT campus! Actually, though…  it was more her love of European architecture that brought UT to mind.  She got to go to Scotland last summer with her theater group and the Beaux-Arts styling of several of the original campus […]

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Senior Portrait 1920’s Style | Themed Portraits

Why Themed Portraits? Themed Portraits are in no way a substitute for regular Senior portraits, but they can be a fun add on.  Sometimes Seniors might feel like they are beyond the days of dress up and imaginary play…  but REALLY.?.?.?  I think there is a part of us that will always love dressing up […]

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