When you are a photographer’s child you tend to dread the camera getting pulled out.  When I was just starting out, every time I wanted to practice a new lighting technique or new location, I would drag my hostages children and use them as my subjects.  So when it came time for my own child’s senior portraits, she was more than reluctant.  How did I combat this?  I had her bring some friends.  Senior sessions with friends are awesome.  It can be so awkward being in front of the camera but when you do your Senior Session with friends, it relieves a lot of the pressure.  As the photographer, it doesn’t hurt that you have other people close enough to your subject to elicit real, genuine expressions.



So I loaded up my daughter and two of her best friends and headed out to downtown Taylor.  In true cobbler children’s fashion, we rushed and I dropped the ball on wardrobe consultation that I would do with other clients.  As a result my daughter only brought ONE pair of shoes and only ONE necklace.  For a great senior session lots of choices and lots of accessories.



I am all about letting you be who you are and who you are RIGHT now.  Some photographers cringe at t-shirts and there is a lot of talk about avoiding super trendy clothes or things that date the images.  …but if you wear t-shirts 90% of the time and there is a trend, like Dr. Who, that you really connect with, why not capture that.  If you want to do pictures in your track uniform, with an instrument, with your favorite book, I say “Let’s do it!”  Make your pictures YOU!




Rebecca is a fabulous vocalist and musician.  At one point while I was photographing Jessica, I had Amberlin and Rebecca broke out playing their instuments behind me in the alleyways of downtown Taylor.  AWESOME!  …another benefit of doing Senior Sessions with friends.



Jessica, future lawyer and English major (who is also a talented musician) wanted to bring her works of Shakespeare to be photographed with.  LOVE it!




Not only do you get great images of yourself, when you do Senior Sessions with friends, you get great  pictures with your friends.  You also have an awesome memory of a fun day.  Next year these three will be spread across the state.  How awesome that they will have these pictures to remind them of their friendship and this fun afternoon!




Do you want to find out more about how you can have your Senior Session with your friends?  Contact me and I will give you information.

2 thoughts to “Senior Sessions with Friends

  • Kim De Araujo

    just awesome!!! these are fantastic! each set of individual images truly lets their unique personality shine right though. and the ones together are truly priceless. In 20 years they will look back on the good ‘ole days with such fondness. Great Job!!

  • jennifer Weems

    those girls are 100% beauties. The nose in the book, may be my favorite. Way to rock out the Geek chic session out ladies!!


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