Tell Your Story…

My goal is to tell my Seniors’ stories.

My tag line is “every work of art begins with a story…”

I am pretty passionate about it.

I realize that most photographers consider themselves storytellers at some level so it is a pretty common theme in the industry, but it wasn’t until last month when I went to Seniors Ignite (a conference for Senior Photographers) that I realized what a buzz phrase it was.  There was extensive talk about telling your senior’s story.   It got me thinking…  was I just running with the trend?

At the  conference we had 12 amazing seniors.  We got great images of them on the beach and at Balboa Park in San Diego, but did we tell their stories?  How could we?  We didn’t know their stories.  Granted they were models and they weren’t normal sessions, but there were still comments about telling their stories.  It made me wonder how genuine most photographers are in their quest to tell the story of the senior they are photographing.

As you look at photographers to capture this precious and unique time in your child’s life, don’t you want someone who will truly tell THEIR story.   How can a photographer who you just met 3 minutes even know your child’s story?  Look for a photographer who actually meets with you and your senior before the photo session.  I know that this a busy time of life and the idea of taking another half hour to meet with the photographer before your session might seem unnecessary and demanding, but it is amazing what a difference it makes.   For a more reserve student the meeting is crucial for making them feel more at ease with the photographer.  As the photographer, the meeting stirs my creative juices.  It gives me a chance to meet my subjects and talk to them about their passions, their quirks, the things that annoy them.

These little meetings turn into brainstorming sessions.  Together we come up with ideas that never would have surfaced through emails or even phone calls.  Together your senior’s session becomes an  experience that we design together, making artwork that you will treasure.


If you know Patrick, then you know that music is a huge part of his life.  He would have brought a guitar to his session no matter who took his picture.  That was the obvious option.  But Patrick is sitting in front of an old blue truck.  Not only did it make a nice background, but it told a story.  That truck was his dad’s first car.  He and his dad have hopes of rebuilding the truck.

When I look at my calendar at my next 4 sessions, I realize that it is not jut a catch phrase for me.  My next 4 sessions are pretty diverse.   They include things like the Catholic Church, corvettes, a rustic barn and the state capitol.  Each of these location suit the individual…  which makes me happy.

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  • Audrey Arechiga-Kajs

    The session with Aida was so much fun and we can’t wait to see the results!


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