“What would it take for you to come up and do Senior Portraits for James?”

As I arrived at Discovery Park in Houston for the first of 3 back to back family sessions, my phone rings and this is what I hear.

“Ummmm…  I don’t know.  Air fare is probably around $400.”

“Just under $300-  already checked.”

My friend Joyce is the most capable person I know.  If you ever want something done, give the task to her.  God totally knew what she was doing when he blessed me with her as a neighbor as I went through the hardest years of my life.  When I had 3 small children and my husband was hospitalized for 6+ weeks, she coordinated the dinners, held my son’s 2nd birthday party and had 8-10 year old boys sweeping out my garage.   The next year when we lost our son, she was instrumental in walking me through the day to day activities that are necessary for life.

I told her that if she could get 4 other interested seniors, I would make a trip.  It couldn’t have been more than 48 hours later when she called me to tell me that I was booked.  As I tried to figure out scheduling of the 5 seniors and the subsequent 5 families, I quickly realized that it was just easier to hand it all over to her.  It was organized down to who was chauffeuring me from session to session.

Now James…  It is still a little hard to realize that he is so far from my realtor’s 4 year old I met so many years ago.  We were so close that a large percentage of my older two daughters’ childhood snapshots include James and his older brother John.

2015-01-06_0005James gives me hope, as my 4 year old Tasmanian devil, non-stop ball of energy wears me out, because I remember when James was THAT boy.

2015-01-06_0007 2015-01-06_0006

And now look how calm he looks!

James has also taken after his dad and become a swimmer.  It was so much fun to play with lighting and get these great water shots.


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