When you live in the Austin area, going to downtown Austin for your Senior Portraits is a great option…

Location Profile:  Downtown Austin (6th Street area) because Austin is big and the downtown area is pretty sizable and diverse, this post is concentrating on the 6th Street area.

Location Feel:  Urban, Contemporary, Sophisticated

GBlair Photography Senior Portraits Downtown Austin 1


Great Things about this Location:  Diversity and Color!  You AND your 3 besties could have your senior sessions in this area and they would each have a very unique feel to them.  There is definitely a coolness factor to this location.  It is fun and and iconic.  It is a great way to incorporate where you live into your portraits.  Marissa LOVES sixth street so it was so cool to be able to work with the signage and highlight WHERE her senior portraits were taken and to have the ever so distinct Driskill Hotel in the background…  gorgeous!

GBlair Photography Senior Portraits Downtown Austin 2

The doors…  the walls… the murals…  all provide a great variety of color and texture for your portrait backgrounds.

GBlair Photography Senior Portraits Downtown Austin 3

Drawbacks to this Location:  This location is best shot early Saturday morning.  That is when you are going to have the least amount of traffic and onlookers.  As is gets later into the day the harder it is to avoid people and cars in your images.  If you are shy, this might not be the location for you.  There WILL be other people around.  People getting their portraits taken do attract attention… and sometimes comments.  Also…  Saturday morning near Sixth Street can sometimes be a little grungy.  Their might very likely be vomit somewhere on the sidewalk.  We will, obviously, avoid it but, a large portion of your poses will be standing or leaning poses if you choose this as your session location.  Occasionally we might find a windowsill or curb for great seated shot.GBlair Photography Senior Portraits Downtown Austin 4 GBlair Photography Senior Portraits Downtown Austin 5

What to Wear for this Location:  This is where you ROCK your trendy clothes.  Bright colors compliment this area well.  This area is so perfect for a huge variety of outfits.  You can range from very casual to formal very easily.



Senior Portraits Downtown Austin can be AWESOME!

Marissa was one of my gorgeous Cedar Ridge Class of 2015 graduates!  She is currently at UTSA.

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