Why Themed Portraits?

Themed Portraits are in no way a substitute for regular Senior portraits, but they can be a fun add on.  Sometimes Seniors might feel like they are beyond the days of dress up and imaginary play…  but REALLY.?.?.?  I think there is a part of us that will always love dressing up and pretending.  For this session we went with a 1920’s feel and dramatic lighting.  I love researching a look and gathering information.   I looked at authentic 1920’s pictures.  I looked at 1920’s recreations.  Not wanting to spend a fortune, we chose a dress she already owned and just added the head piece and gloves.

I really think that the dramatic lighting goes a long way in the coolness factor of these.  1920's Styled Shoot

Themed Portraits 1920's

1920's Themed Portraits




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