Most people who specialize in Senior Pictures do some sort of model program.  For the last couple of years I have researched them…  studied them…  dabbled with them… but I couldn’t get fully behind them because of the whole “model” idea.  One program that I studied promotes the possibility of national exposure…  a nation wide contest.  As a result, you get these make up perfected girls with model aspirations.  These are the girls who are confident in their appearance.  These are the girls who take a thousand selfies and dream of a career in front of a camera.  If you know me, that isn’t what I am about.  I love the REAL girls.  I love the girls that are too busy pursuing their sport, their academics or their music to be too focused on the latest make up craze.   After researching even more programs, I have designed a program around the clients that I love to work with.  It isn’t your typical “model” program.  It is really about an epic experience and fabulous pictures are just a byproduct.

Senior PicturesMy Favorite Senior Pictures

My joy is made complete when I can show someone that she has that beauty inside of her, even if she doesn’t make a huge attempt to flaunt it or even see it herself.  I love girls who are busy doing other things.

I LOVE to work with REAL girls…

What Makes a Great team EIGHTEEN Member?

  1.  You are involved in extracurricular activities.
  2.  You are academically minded.
  3.  You are goal oriented.
  4.  You are a little bit quirky.  (because, really…  aren’t we all?)
  5.  You want to have a memorable senior year!

I am still taking applications for team EIGHTEEN.  If you are interested in applying, click on the contact me button.  In the pull down menu you will see an option for Team Eighteen.

I look forward to working with you!

Click here for more team EIGHTEEN Details.

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