Sometimes I think that I am a juggler.  As an Austin family photographer, it is a given that I have to balance my role as an artist with my role as an entrepreneur.  But beyond that, I am a wife…  a mother…  a volunteer…  a friend…  a daughter…  a sister…  We all wear multiple hats.  Most of us lead crazy lived.


Austin Family Photographer


I try and create a self portrait at least once a year.  This year I went with something different.

I created this image in an attempt to represent all of the labels that are applied to me.

I think I like it.

There is a balance of chaos and order.  Kinda like my life.  Sometimes I am editing while I am at soccer practice.  I am often reading a marketing book while I am waiting for my kids to get out of school.  It is a great, but crazy life.

Austin Family Photographer


I started in my garage, with my camera and a remote.  With the help of and a youtube tutorial on displacement, I created this.  The displacement filter in photoshop adjusts the layer of text according to the light and shadows of the “map” you assign and causes it to take the same of the map. Unfortunately the flat lighting, while flattering to my aging face, doesn’t make the greatest map for the filter.

But still…  I am kinda loving it…


Here is last year’s self portrait.



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