Total fail…  How did I forget to blog Scott’s Senior Portraits?  2014-11-14_0008

I  will have to blame it on vacation brain…  from back in June.   I took my youngest kids to go visit some dear friends this past summer.  While we were there I took senior portraits of my friend’s nephew.  We  had a blast and I fell in love with downtown Omaha.  Yes…  Omaha…  It is gorgeous!  Who knew?

Anyway Scott endured a gaggle of women (his mom, sister, grandmother, aunt and ME) as we roamed around the Market area of Omaha taking pictures.  Scott not only endured it, he rocked it.  It was one of the craziest, most fun, most bizarre shoots ever!  And it perfectly suited Scott’s personality.


I am pretty sure if you researched “What to Wear” guides from photographers across the nation, nowhere does it encourage a subject to wear a giant tiger t-shirt circa 1985.  I have to admit that I was even a little weary when he told me about it…  but I am willing to go with anything that my client is excited about.  And do you know what?  He totally rocked it!  I LOVE kids who are comfortable in their own skin!  Even ones that are secure enough to steal my sunglasses off my head.  How awesome was it that we found a lion fountain to pose with?  I have to admit that I was totally cracking up when I shot this…   but it is awesome!




So we had a guy who came up and tried to photo bomb Scott.  The guy laughed and walked away and Scott told him that he really did want a picture with him in the background.  So we took a couple of shots with  this random guy in the background.


We also got some images of Scott and his sister.  When the older sibling leaves the nest, it always rocks the little sibling’s world a little bit.


Overall it was such a great session. I can’t believe I never posted it.  Scott, you really are “Kind of a big deal”.





2 thoughts to “Scott’s Senior Portraits – Class of 2015

  • Brenda

    Handsome fella! And Yay Omaha!

  • jennifer Weems

    Cute boy. I like the photo with the lions 🙂


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