Each Senior Photographer has their style and theories. There is a trend out there to take high school senior girls and deck them out in amazing clothes, have the professional hair and make up artists make them runway ready. These girls get to feel like a model for the day. They get images that are amazing… but they aren’t images that really captured them or their personality. Sometimes friends and family can’t even recognize the girl. As much as I love glamour photography, my personal theory as a Senior Photographer is that I really want to capture who you are right now. It doesn’t mean that discourage a professional make up application for our session. It doesn’t mean that I won’t help you edit and supplement your outfits for your session. It doesn’t mean that I don’t want you to look your best and that I don’t want you to feel gorgeous.

I just want you to feel gorgeous while still feeling like you.

It is my goal for your fiends and family to say that is the girl we know and love.

I want YOU to be YOU!

Another volunteer we had when I was at the Spanki Mills Workshop was Rucy. I love how Rucy came to meet us wearing something that you might see her around campus wearing. I love that Rucy was wearing her glasses.

I love that Rucy looks like Rucy.


My goal is to be the senior photographer that shows little glimpses into your personality.


And, of course, I my goal is always to capture pictures of you just looking fabulous!



Think about what you want when capturing this special time in your life. If you decide that you are looking for a senior photographer who wants to capture you at your best, contact me.

There is still time for to get in a spring session for the class of 2014.

Capture this moment before it is gone!

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