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Makeup by Mandy Hernandez

“Do I need professional makeup for my senior photos?”

You’ve booked your Senior Portrait session.  As you are prepping for your senior photos, have you thought about having your makeup professionally done?  I always recommend it, and I thought that I would address some of the common questions.

  1. Do you REALLY think that I need professional makeup for my senior photos? Yes…  Yes, I do.  Really…  Truly…
  2. Why? First there is the experience.  If your senior portrait experience makes you feel pampered, special and amazing, then you will approach the camera with a slightly different confidence than you would normally have.  The mom inside of me wants to all of my girls feel empowered, gorgeous and important.  One of my favorite moments was when 2015 Senior, Marisa said that she would never believe the magazines again, realizing that after professional makeup, she looked magazine ready.  If I could get every girl to realize that the gap between them and the girls in the magazines is more about the awesome makeup and the great photography than it is about the inherit beauty- my mission would be complete.  On a different note, the photographer inside of me loves that it reduces my editing time.

    Round Rock Senior Photos -2
    Makeup by Shawn Brooks
  3. But I want to look like myself…  I am not one of those photographers that want to completely make you up to where your friends don’t recognize you in your pictures.  I want you to look like yourself, too.  But I want your best features to shine through and be emphasized.
  4. But I don’t normally wear that much makeup… Just because you are using a makeup artist doesn’t mean you have to get intensely heavy makeup.  Makeup artists are quite skilled at creating beautiful natural looks.  One of the primary functions of the makeup artist is to give you a fabulous complexion.  Also, if you don’t normally wear makeup, it usually means that you don’t have a ton of experience applying makeup, making it MORE important to bring in a professional.

    Round Rock Senior Photos - 3
    Makeup by Shawn Brooks
  5. But I am (or my friend is) really good at doing makeup… Awesome…  and I don’t REQUIRE clients to get professional makeup, only RECOMMEND it.  I would point out though that Professional Makeup Artists are knowledgeable about the best techniques and products for being “camera ready”.  Again, I think that the whole senior portrait experience is definitely enhanced by being pampered with a professional makeup application, but it is totally up to you.
  6. Is it really worth the extra expense? Senior portraits ARE expensive.  I get that.  You are paying for the photographer…  You probably have purchased some new clothes for your shoot…  You might have gotten your hair highlighted, your nails done and/or a tan…  You could look at it like you are already investing so much into this that the addition of professional make up isn’t that much of a difference.

    Round Rock Senior Photos -4
    Makeup by Shawn Brooks

As a mom…  The way that I see it…  As my girls (I do have FOUR of them) leave the nest to go off on their own, I want to give them the most confidence that I can give them.  You might not think that photo session could do that, but I would disagree.  Every girl wants to feel beautiful.  Every girl IS beautiful.  If a photo session complete with professional make up can help a girl see that beauty within… if, as a mom, you can give that to her before she takes off on her own…  AND you have amazing artwork to remind her of that for years to come…  COMPLETELY WORTH IT…  immeasurable value…


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