My Photoshop Composite

In the photography world there is some distinction between photographers and digital artists.  There are passionate debates that go around, but I concede that there is a distinction between a photograph and a digital art piece.  A Photoshop Composite is considered a digital art piece more than a photograph.  I have always been an artist at heart.  I approach my photography often with the goal of creating an image from my head.  There are times when a substantial photoshop edit is part of that creation process.  There are time when I need to use multiple images to create a Photoshop Composite to bring the image in my head to life.

My Vision

This was one of those times.  My vision was my 16 year old playing her flute…  long flowing skirt…  papers flying…  great clouds.  I was envisioning a moody, dramatic scene.  I knew, because of the flowing skirt and the flying papers I was going to have to make a photoshop composite to create the image I was wanting.

I gathered my helpers…  and we set everything up…

photoshop composite Flute


We took a series of photos.  Trying to get some flying papers…  some flowing skirts…  some blank background so that I could cut my oh so helpful assistants out of the picture.  When doing this it is helpful to have your camera on a tripod to try and get a series with as few variables as possible.  It helps when you are cutting and pasting…  cloning and layering…  if the images are very similar.


What I learned

Things that I have learned…  This is a tulle skirt.  It is very hard to layer the tail because it is see through.  An opaque skirt would be much more helpful in making a composite.  I should have taken a couple of shots with just the 16 year old, without the papers and the skirt flowing.  I wish I would have focused on getting particular portions of the image correct in each image.  And my children might not be the best assistants.  My 10 year old kept on bumping the camera and my son really preferred chunking the papers into his sister’s face rather than throwing them up into the air.
Beauty of Band

I must say, though, this is pretty much the image that was in my head.

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