I love an out of the box, slightly crazy, art portrait.

Art Portrait

A couple of things will help you understand my relationship with photoshop.  First, I was first exposed to photoshop over 20 years ago…  a long time ago.  Second, I learned photoshop as an architecture student, not as a photography student.  From the very start, I was doing composites.  In architecture school, we photographed models of our designs and composed them on to photographs of the building sites.  You could say, my entire relationship with photoshop builds on creating things…  constructing the imagined…  mixing a little bit of fantasy into reality.  In the photography world, photoshop is primarily a tool to correct images or to remind images, but in the art world, photoshop is a creation tool.  Taking photos and creating something out of my imagination satisfies a part of me that can’t be satisfied by merely taking pictures.

In case you were wondering where the starting point was, here is the before picture of the above creation.

teen musician Porträt


Something I plan on offering clients soon is the art collage.  An art collage beautifully combines multiple images to create one beautiful showcase portrait.

Photography Workshops

An art portrait is a special add on.  It would never be able to take the place of regular portraits, but it is an awesome way to highlight a hobby, talent or even a fun time of life.

Here is a link to one of my favorite art portraits.


2 thoughts to “Photoshop and the Art Portrait

  • Nicole

    This is pretty awesome! Art collages seems like a really great idea! I can’t wait to see the perspective of Austin and your clients from your point of view!

  • Stephanie Rubyor

    Wow!! These are really unique and beautiful!!


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