Photography products are important!  Over the last couple of years we have been conditioned to want digital files.  Having the digital files gives us the power to get the prints we want, when we want them and however many we want.  Sounds ideal!  Right?

We know that prints and products are important…  so let’s get them ordered.  First question, where do you go to get your prints?  There are so many options!  I always recommend   Go…  Check it out…  your head might spin from all of the choices.  You look at the pictures of the differences on their website.  What is e-surface paper?  What is pearl paper?  What is a metal print?  What is the difference between a gallery wrapped canvas and a canvas print?

You get      S O   O V E R W H E L M E D ! ! !

You order the 5×7’s for the grandparents and you decide that you will do the rest later.  And then, the files and then they sit.   Years from now when you want to find them how many hard drives are you going to have to go through?  How many digital folders are you going to have to click on to find the image that you are looking for?

I speak from experience.  My daughter graduated last year.  After capturing images that we loved, we printed her graduation announcement inserts and that it.  Do we have a great book?  Do we have any of these fabulous images hanging on our walls?  Nope.  We didn’t really have anything before I started of thinking about samples for my business.  Photographer fail.  If I can’t get around to it with all of the resources, product knowledge and experience that I have, how do I ever expect my clients to do it?

I can drop off all of the fabulous ingredients for an amazing gourmet dinner for you to cook yourself.  Maybe it all comes together beautifully and you end up with a divine meal.  Maybe.  But you might be disappointed.  You might get incredibly frustrated.  You might quit and go out for fast food.

I want to give my clients the best experience that I can.  I want to leave them with amazing displays of their art…  amazing displays that they can’t wait to show off and that they will cherish for years.   I want them to look at the displays and get warm fuzzies, not frustration.  I am realizing that the best way to do this is to take this burden from you.  If I combine your wants and desires with my experience and design skills we get products that you love.

For example, when my high school seniors are getting ready for their 10 year reunion and want to take a trip down Memory Lane, how cool would it be for them to grab this gorgeous wooden box from their closet?

Round Rock Senior Photographer-product-6


This is MY FAVORITE!  This custom wooden box is the perfect spot to store all of the snapshots, ticket stubs and programs from your senior year so that they are all in one spot.

Round Rock Senior Photographer-product-8


Not only is this keepsake box an beautiful display of your art work, it is organizational solution and an heirloom.  It is definitely the type of product that most of my clients wouldn’t find if looking on their own.   This is the sort of better service I want to offer my clients.



7 thoughts to “The Importance of Photography Products | Big Changes at GBlair Photography

  • Vaughn Barry Photography

    LOVE those boxes and the addition of the keepsake angle – I use smaller sized wooden boxes myself and my clients just love them!

  • Mercedes

    This is a really lovely keepsake!

  • Oana

    Great idea! Cute boxes too. I think I will have to look into this myself for my business 🙂

  • Gwen Workman

    This is sooo true people never print their files…. prints are sooo important…. good for you….

  • Chantal

    what a great keepsake!!! So great!

  • Chasity Noel - Savvy Images

    Such a great post! Having beautiful products is definitely important!!

  • Libby

    Love the wood boxes for keepsakes!


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