How Do You Want Your Pictures?

Twenty years ago, before we lived in a digital world, if you would have gone to a professional photographer, had you portraits taken and then the photographer just handed us a bunch of negatives, we would have been confused and maybe even appalled.  Negatives don’t represent a finished product.  They merely existed as a step in the process to get our beloved portraits from the camera into our hands… into our albums and on to our walls.


I mean, when you took film of your family snapshots in to be printed, the returned the negatives with the prints that were made…  but RARELY did you ever use them.  Occasionally, there would be an image that you loved and you would scour through the negatives and find the image and get reprints, but far more often the negatives were just shoved into a box or even tossed into the garbage.

I recently stumbled onto some old negatives.  With some difficulty, I could hold them up to the light and kinda…  sorta…  figure out the picture.  It was tedious.  I couldn’t necessarily enjoy the small, funny colored memories captured on the brown plastic, but I could decifer them with my bare eyes.

…but that was then.

Digital Files

The negatives of today are digital files.  Our memories exist now as bits of data stored on devices that we may or may not have the equipment to look at and decifer in 5, 10, 20 years.   We talk about digital NEGATIVES like they have some sort of archival function, but technology changes so quickly.  Before we know it, our precious information is stored in a format that can only be read by some sort of technology specialist…  if it is accessible at all.

Who today can get information off of a floppy disk?  Or an old VHS tape?  Or even a CD?  What happens when your hard drive crashes?

Like the negatives of the past, digital files are only a means to an end.

The 20 year old photo prints that you have might be faded.  The prints might be slightly discolored and, if you are like me, they can be in an unorganized jumble, but, when nostalgia hits, you pull them out and look at them.  You can easily make fun of old hairstyles and questionable fashion choices.  You can remember special moments and wonder about old friends.

How are the next generations going to reminisce?  How are they going to make fun of our trendy styles?


We Live in a Digital World

I get it.  We live in a digital world.  Over a TRILLION digital pictures were taken in 2017.

T R I L L I O N ! ! !   One site estimates are between 1.5 – 14 trillion pictures, actually.


75% of those images are snapped with a phone and the bulk majority of those will never leave the phone.  Some of those pictures are taken to share, some of them are taken so that you can remember the moment and, if you are like me, some of them are taken to remember where you parked.  Many of those pictures don’t need to live forever.  If you can’t find that snap chat image of you and your bff with the distorted filter in ten years, you won’t be devestated.


Some memories scream for long term preservation.  Senior Portraits ARE some those memories.  I understand that it is exciting to share images online, but senior portraits need to live a long life!

Maybe you don’t want big wall canvases or a giant custom collage display, but you need to hold on to some sort of printed product that will stand the test of time.

If you have the digital files you can make the prints yourself

That is the arguement.  It makes sense.  Opportunities and services to print your pictures exist in abundance.  The reality is, though, that it doesn’t often happen.  The files.  You share some files.  One or two of the files might get incorporated into a card or announcement.  Then, the files sit…  on a hard drive…  on a flash drive… in a cloud.

Your memories deserve better than that.  Let me help you get your memories in frames, on walls in albums.    I want your children and grand children to  laugh at your hairstyle.  My job is complete when your portraits hang on the wall, treasured by your parents.  While, I offer digital files and social media files in this digital world, more than anything, I want your memories in your hands and on your walls.

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