Some people can get away with generic portraits and some people need personalized portraiture.  Kyle is one of the ones who needs personalized portraiture. I have to admit that when Kyle’s mom contacted me last fall about his senior portraits, I grouped him into the category that most guys fall into.  Most of my senior guys are not that excited about their session.  Typically they just want to get it over with  and be done.  So, when Kyle’s mom called I started explaining about my smaller packages…  she stopped me and made me realize I was underestimating this session.  Over the phone I found out about how much their family loves cars.  Cars needed to be in the session.  Dad’s vintage corvette.  Kyle’s BMW.  Mom’s BMW.  Collecting cars and car shows are a big part of life for this family.



This session made me a staunch believer that the pre-consultation meeting is key for personalized portraiture.  During our meeting we were trying to find the perfect location for our session.  Things that were important to them were their cars, water and greenery.  If Kyle had been a vintage truck sort of guy, pulling it into a half dead grassy, rocky field could work, but Kyle was too refined for that… and, well it IS a BMW, not a truck.  Water was our other problem.  Poor Lake Travis, the water that Kyle has grown up on, wake boarding and such, is so low and very sad looking.  Not the greatest for pictures.  During our meeting we started to think on the other side of the dam and they thought of their friend’s house on Lake Austin.  PERFECT!!!



Pictures like the one above we could have gotten anywhere.  This basic headshot is more about great light than anything else.  Although it is more of a generic portrait, it makes Kyle look great.  Kyle is a pretty impressive guy.  He has been in the marching band for most of high school and he is now  headed of to study Aviation Management.



In my earlier blog post I discussed how important I think family portraits are at this time in the life of the family, so when mom asked if we could do a couple of family photos I wholeheartedly obliged.   We took a couple, more generic, family portraits but they LOVED this one.  “THIS is our family!”  Statements like that make me smile!  Truly personalized portraiture is my goal and statements like that make me feel like I achieved it.






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