Who knew 6 months ago when I commented on a facebook post, I would make such a great new friend?  Jennifer Weems was a fresh and fun wedding photographer who had just relocated to Austin and was looking for some second shooters to work with.   Not only have I shot several weddings with her, we have become fast friends!  The other day we decided that we both needed new pictures for our “about me” sections of our  website, so instead of our typical lunch, we started with a little photo shoot.

It was quite the learning experience!

You see, I am not typically in front of the camera…

I am very comfortable BEHIND the camera.  In face, I think it has been 20 years since a professional has photographed me…  by myself.  I guess I forgot how it feels to be in front of the camera.

It was A…W…K…W…A…R…D…

We were most comfortable making goofy faces.

Photo credit:  GBlair Photography/ Jennifer Weems Photographer
Photo credit: GBlair Photography/ Jennifer Weems Photographer

Really though, I learned so much.  Even though I know more than most of my clients about posing, I needed Jennifer’s help to pose myself.  After all, she is the one who can see me.  Sometimes what feels right is different than what looks right.  I needed her to be very specific about what she wanted me to do.  Once I started to listen to her we got some pretty good shots.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Weems
Photo Credit: Jennifer Weems





Photo Credit: Jennifer Weems
Photo Credit:Jennifer Weems


I also learned that it is important to talk with a client about the features of themselves that they dislike in pictures.  Jennifer dislike pictures of herself because sometimes her chin/neck area looks heavy even though she is a skinny-mini.   Knowing and discussing this hesitation before hand made a big difference in her pictures.  It helped me focus on making sure she wasn’t tucking in her chin and making sure I was shooting from a more flattering angle.  Notice below how very subtle changes in her pose and my position made huge changes in the resulting image.

Little changes make a big difference.

With a regular client I would have asked once or twice to slide her chin forward and then I would have been afraid of hurting her feelings and I would keep quiet.  Because Jennifer is such a great friend AND I knew that how her chin area looked was important to her I was pushy and demanding about “chin forward and down” (thank you Sue Bryce)…  but it was so worth it to get images she was proud of.

I think red-heads DO have more fun!
Isn’t she stunning?


NOTE TO SELF:  It is okay to be pushy if it means amazing images.


Check out the view from Jennifer’s lens


Check out Jennifer’s side of the story here.

P.S.  …are you enjoying the new look of the website?  Remember me when you are looking for your Round Rock Photography needs!



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  • Jennifer Weems

    LOVE LOVE!! You are so right, redheads DO have more fun. Unfortunately, they also are more difficult to work with 🙂


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