Meaningful Vacation Photos

The first time I really played photographer while I vacationed, I was fourteen and traveling with my grandparents and cousin to Niagara Falls, Quebec and Maine.  I came home with rolls upon rolls of film to be developed.  I had beautiful, artistic photos of the gorgeous scenery that we had seen, but very, very few really meaningful vacation photos.  The photos of the scenery, while beautiful, didn’t capture the vacation, only the location.  Very few pictures had people in them at all, even fewer had my family that I was traveling with.  At fourteen I thought that people detracted from the gorgeous scenery.  Silly girl!

Now as I am older, and probably being a parent plays a big role I am trying capture more of the vacation than merely just the location.  Having a collection of meaningful vacation photos, means including a variety of photos.

Types of pictures to take on Vacation

Scenery Pictures-

Scenery pictures are awesome! You chose your destination for a reason and you want to capture the beauty of that destination.

Posed Pictures

These are the photos I hated as a teen.  The “here we are…  everyone smile” photos.  I hated them as a teen, but now as a parent, I value these pictures…  even when especially when they aren’t perfect.


Interaction Photos

This is when you step back and you take pictures of the experience.  These take a little more thought because you have to position yourself so that you can see your family members and what they are reacting to.  These are probably the pictures that we most often forget to take.



Relationship/Personality Photos

Capturing photos that show who they are and the relationships between your family members create truly meaningful vacation photos.  Let them be silly…  Let them show personality…


Pictures of the Travel Process

It is often fun to remember HOW you got there.  The traveling is part of the experience. For a complete collection of meaningful vacation photos, include some travel shots.


Pictures that Include YOU

It is so easy to always be behind the camera but years from now, your family will want to remember that you did travel with them.  Make sure you get into a couple of the photos.




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