I guess this is happening…  It looks like I am adding some Maple Valley Portrait Sessions to my calendar this fall.  The idea was just brought up 4 days ago, but with the amazing ground team I have there, the plane ticket it purchased and it is a go.  I am so excited to see friends!   I also can’t wait to visit some of my old haunts for these Maple Valley Portrait sessions.

The Maplewood Roadside Park was ALWAYS my favorite.  Where else could you get such great variety!IMG_0197E
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I also love Coulon Park on Lake Washington!

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and the Rail Station in Auburn was awesome!



I have to admit that the planner/control freak in me is completely stressed about how this is going to work in spite of the rather predictable November Seattle rain…  And trying to coordinate everyone…  and trying to best meet everyone’s needs, desires and expectations.    If I hadn’t have already purchased the plane ticket, I might be talking myself out of it about now.

Anyway for the people who are only looking for a couple of images I have quick Maple Valley Portrait session (mini-session) for $175.  With that I am aiming for a gallery that has 10-12 images of which you get to choose 5 that I will give you the high resolution downloads and print release for.  If you are wanting to change clothes and get a couple of different looks, contact me and I will send you the information for my longer session options.  Because I am only in the area for 3 days and I am pretty sure at least a portion of it will be wet and cold, I am looking for locations that have a large amount of covered spaces.   While I am primarily coming up for Senior sessions, I would love to fit any families that are interested in as well.

I am so excited to see all the friends I can see while I am up there.  I am so overwhelmed by the response and interest to the idea of me coming to the area.


I guess I might have to find some shoes that aren’t flip flops.  😉

Kinda excited to see some moss!


One thought to “Maple Valley Portrait Sessions”

  • MArgery Davis

    YES! Any day, I will take off a day of work and pull the kids from school for this even. Can’t wait to see you! If there’s a wine night please let me know 🙂

    I guess I’m looking for the family portrait package, at least one of me and the kids, and some nice casual ones of them solo. ONe with the dog if we can get him calm 🙂


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