Senior Portraits at the Texas Capitol GBlair Photography 1When you live in the Austin area, taking your Senior Portraits at the Texas Capitol is an awesome option…  How could you not love this gorgeous Austin icon.

Location Profile:  The Texas Capitol Building

Senior Portraits at the Texas Capitol GBlair Photography 3

Location Feel:  Sophisticated, Academic, Traditional, Classic

Senior Portraits at the Texas Capitol GBlair Photography 2

Great Things About This Location:  The Capitol is one of the major icons of Austin.  Having your senior portraits taken there will always memorialize Austin as you home during your high school years. in The Capitol Building has some amazing architectural details.  There are a lot of indoor spots, which is great for rainy days or even Texas heat.  When we shot Aida’s pictures, it was pouring.  I was sad that we weren’t able to take advantage of some of the awesome outdoor possibilities of the Capitol, but, because we had chosen that as our location, it saved us from having to find an available date  to reschedule in her busy schedule.

Senior Portraits at the Texas Capitol GBlair Photography 4

Drawbacks to this Location:  Depending on the day, there can be a fair amount of people which can be unsettling for shy people.  The lighting inside can be pretty difficult… (that is more my problem than yours)  Although there is a lot of variety in texture, backgrounds and spaces, they all have a very sophisticated, structured, traditional feel.  You will be able to get an awesome variety of images, but they will all have a pretty tailored, classic vibe.

Senior Portraits Texas Capitol GBlair Photography 5

What to Wear for this Location:  The Capitol can be a great backdrop for everything from casual clothes to formal wear, but more conservative styles will fit better with the Capitol architecture.  If you are taking your Senior Portraits at the Texas Capitol, clothing that could be described as preppy, sophisticated, classic, traditional, even glamorous and chic would be perfect.  Clothing that is described more as bohemian, flamboyant, western, punk or goth, might seem a little bit out of place…

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