When I set off to participate in a 52 week project, the one I stumbled upon was Dogwood Photography’s 52 week challenge.  I know that I need assignments vs being open ended.  That is just my personality.  This particular challenge rotates through three different genres; portraits, landscapes and artistic shots.  This week…  er…  um… last week’s challenge was traditional landscape photography.  My first response was to say landscape photography isn’t my thing.  I rarely set out to take a beautiful landscape image.  Sometimes I stumble upon them, but rarely are the best landscape images taken from a convenient place at a convenient time.  I thought about different places to go photograph, but wasn’t really inspired by anything.   I pretty much live in the middle of suburbia, comfortable, but not overly inspiring.  I thought about going downtown and take a nighttime shot, or some other iconic Austin shot, but trying to justify a trip downtown for a personal project in the midst of my juggling four kids, clients and all of the other stuff that life throws at me…  it just didn’t seem like a good use of time.

I set out this morning (officially 1 day out of week 2) to photograph a nice landscape not to far from home.  I get out, camera in hand only to realize that I had cleaned and organized all of my memory cards leaving them all on my desk.  Uggs…

After a trip home, I settled on the location above for
my week two assignment.  Not a terribly inspiring or beautiful but I loved the backlit water fountain.

It is so funny that I find landscapes so difficult because one of my favorite things is environmental portraiture…  I guess I just like people in my pictures.  2016-01-15_0002

Hopefully I will be more inspired for next week this week’s red artistic image.

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