Sometimes, as a photographer, you have to play…

Sometimes you have to be a little weird…

I believe to grow as a photographer you have to go beyond what you know works. You have to push yourself by trying new things.

Sometimes, to feed your creative soul, you have to step outside what you know works. I haven’t been doing this enough. The shoots I have been doing have been safe. You kind of have to be safe when you are working with a client. I mean, after all, you want to look like you know what you are doing. You want to be confident that you are capturing images that your client is going to love. Sometimes, though, that gets you into a rut. And if you have an ADD brain like mine, you get bored and lose motivation. Playing gives me motivation. It excites me. It energizes me.

Luckily I have my own children that I can practice my weird ideas on.

Brook Shaden is an amazingly talented, although a little dark and weird, fine art photographer. After seeing a couple of different segments about her I decided to try a Brook Shaden inspired experiment. Most of her work is too dark for me to be comfortable shooting my children in that same feel, but I watched her use a baby pool and line the inside with a piece of fabric and I thought “GENIUS”.

Without a baby pool, I lined my bathtub with a green blanket. I filled the tub and added some milk to make it cloudy. I just happened to have the sunflowers in my family room.

It is a little crazy, but I love the results and it energized me!



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  • jennifer Weems

    Beautiful Gretchen. Wow, you have some cute babies!


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