Are high school class rings a dead tradition?


If you are an adult, did you get a class ring?  Have you worn it in the last 15 years?

My grandfather always wore his class ring from Reagan High School.  After 65 years it was really just a gold blob.  All of the carvings and lettering on the sides had worn smooth.  If you really studied it you could make out the year.  I love that.  It was very much a part of him.  But he didn’t go to college so his high school ring signified his graduation from formal education.

I know plenty of people who wear their college rings…  even some non-Aggies.  🙂  My Dad always wore his UT class ring.  ALWAYS.  Until he lost it 40 years later.  But, I grew up always seeing/playing with this ginormous gold ring with a dark orange stone in the top that had the center carved out to hold a diamond added by my mom after they had married.  That ring was very much a part of my dad.  So much so that after he lost it a couple of years ago, my mom bought  him a replacement…  which I think he also lost.

I think I graduated in the tail end of the class ring era.  They were starting to come out with the ones that didn’t look like class rings…  but they looked goofy.  Then there are the ones that have nothing on them to represent that they are a class ring…  so why even call them a class ring?  I think that most people I knew in high school purchased a class ring, although I personally lost mine 8 months later (before I actually even graduated).   But I doubt that anyone I know has worn their high school ring in the last decade.  I laugh because my husband actually sold his for the gold value a couple of years ago.  It had no sentimental value to him at all.

Has the ring lost it’s importance because most people continue on in their education, past high school?  Has the high school graduation lost some of it’s importance?

As a parent, I think that high school graduation is still as important as it has always been because it often marks the time when your child leaves the nest.  Most often when they continue on in their educational pursuits, they are living away from home.  I think that this monumental moment is worthy of a symbolic jewelry piece, but most of the traditional class rings are bulky and unattractive.  So, needless to say, when my oldest graduated last year, she did not get a class ring.

THEN, today, I stumbled across this new generation of class rings and I have to say…  I like this one a lot.  


It is tasteful and yet (if you had your school engraved instead of National Honor Society) still has a clear reference to this significant life event.


It has me rethinking my whole stance on high school class rings.


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