headshot-4EHeadshots aren’t just for actors anymore.

More and more a good headshot is becoming essential to every business person.   For entrepreneurs, for customer service professionals, for job hunters…

How important are headshots for business professionals? Having a picture of yourself on your marketing material makes it personal, a personal connection before you can actually physically connect. Sometimes that little personal connection can make the difference between a customer contacting you over your competitor.

Where are you reaching out to your customers?

Business cards?  Website? Email signature? Flyers? Social Networking sites?

What picture are you using to represent yourself?  Is it a snapshot?  Is it the you that you really want people to know you for?

YOU are your brand.

What are the attributes that you want your customers to see?  to connect with?  If you want your customers to see you as professional, does a snap shot at your kids soccer game enforce that?  If you want your customers to see you as being very attentive to details, does a blurry, low resolution image add to that perception?  If you want your clients to see you as up to date?  What is an old, out of date picture say about you?

Having an a business headshot that portrays YOU as you want to be seen is crucial.

It is so easy to put it off.   For a lot of people it is something that they have been meaning to do.  We have made it easy for you.  Come join us for a little wine, a little socializing and finding out about some great products.

headshot flyer revised copy


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Here is a great article about the importance of headshots for a start-up.

Thanks to Lori O’Connell of Rodan+Fields, Blossom Braemer of Posh Coworking, and Shannon Lilie of Younique Products 

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