When one of your favorite families needs updated headshots, it turns into a great opportunity to try out a new location.  All these guys are signed up with a local agency and are, on occasion, called to an audition.  Imagine the surprise then they show up and don’t match the 2 year old headshots that are currently on file.  During these teen/preteen years kids change almost as fast as the preschool years, except the only pictures we ever really end up with of them during these years are cell phone and school pictures.  It is fun to capture them in this stage of life.

We had great beautiful sunny day and the kids had fun blinding each other with the reflector.  These guys like to have fun.  Thus the superman sibling shot.




We got individual headshots of each kid.


2014-03-18_0002 2014-03-18_0003 2014-03-18_0004

And then we got a couple of together shots, for mom of course!


2 thoughts to “Headshots for One of my Favorite Families

  • jennifer Weems

    Super cute kids. They are pretty luck to have these awesome head shots!

  • Regina Bohmfalk

    Thanks – you’re the BEST!


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