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Sometimes you need to feel glamorous…  a glamour style portrait might seem frivolous, but never discount the power of looking fabulous.  I made an amazing tulle skirt and a fun floral crown, gabbed my daughter and decided to play. We live in a world where we are bombarded with images of beautiful woman on the covers of magazines looking amazing.  We look at those pictures and then we see ourselves in the mirror…  We compare women with professional make up, carefully lit, photographed, and photoshopped and then we compare it to what we see in the mirror… It is hard to compare to the women on the magazines, right?  I am really starting to think that every woman needs to experience glamour portraits at some point.

I think that our daughters are even more vulnerable that we are.  I think that our daughters to sometimes struggle to see the beauty within themselves.  They definitely don’t see the beauty that we, as moms, see in them.  My sixteen year old rarely wears makeup…  rarely puts effort into doing her hair…  and jeans and a sweatshirt are her normal apparel.  Needless to say, flower crowns and tulle are not an everyday sort of look…  (although, she has actually worn one of my flower crowns to school on a couple of occasions)  A typical senior would never think of including something out of the ordinary during their portrait session…  but why not?  Having pictures that show you looking magazine cover worthy are good to have around.

glamour portrait

Fun, themed photoshoots are as much about the experience as they are about the resulting art work.  I firmly believe that there is something built into the female species that craves to have our beauty recognized.  Fabulous makeup, fun accessories and some great images go a long way to boost our view of ourselves.


5 thoughts to “Flowers and Tulle| glamour portraits

  • Jaimie

    I love the message that you shared here. Your daughter looks amazing!

    • gblairph

      Thanks Jaimie!

  • Stephanie Rubyor

    Your daughter is beautiful and such a great message. It is so important to teach our children to love and respect themselves as well as finding beauty in themselves, because we KNOW it’s there.

  • Chichi

    nice use of color!

  • Emily

    Wow you made them both?! So much talent! I love the lesson you taught your daughter during this session! What a special mother/daughter moment!


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