Last month, I made a trip to Seattle where I had a whirlwind weekend of photo sessions.  I had a friend ask how many people she would need to get together in order to make it worth travelling to Seattle for some photo sessions.  I told her 4 seniors +her senior.  She called me 36 hours later…  done…  I was booked.  And that didn’t count the 5 families that I also booked.  10 sessions in 48 hours WAS a little crazy but awesome.  Four of the seniors that we booked are friends.  All four are swimmers and all four are Eagle Scouts.  These guys are just a little bit impressive.  In scheduling these guys it was a little complex.  We are talking Seattle…  In November…  Daylight is very limited.  Trying to coordinate travel time to shooting locations plus shooting time was getting a little crazy until we decided to group all four boys together.  All four guys had their senior session together.  We shot a Friends Senior Session.  We even did an added bonus of taking some pool shots (remember all 4 were swim team and 2 actually work at the pool) after the pool closed the night before.

Round Rock Senior Photographer-MVSessions-Group-2E

Round Rock Senior Photographer-MVSessions-Group-4E

The next day we shot at two different locations.  The drawback to shooting 4 guys at once is it was hard to be original with each pose and background, but the benefit is that you get some great shots with your friends.

Round Rock Senior Photographer-MVSessions-Group-6E

Round Rock Senior Photographer-MVSessions-Group-8E


After shooting at Renton’s Coulon Park on Lake Washington, we went to another one of my favorite locations – Maplewood Park.  It was there that we got these fun shots.

Round Rock Senior Photographer-MVSessions-Group-10E

Round Rock Senior Photographer-MVSessions-Group-11E

It was a great afternoon.  We were quite the sight.  Four handsome guys, 1 girl friend, 1 dad, 3 moms and 1 photographer.  There was a lot of shoe swapping (Always important to remember picking the right shoes when planning your outfit!), snacking and even a shirt swap.  I also have to mention the miracles of miracles…  the 100% chance of rain that was predicted, somehow cleared up and it was dry with a couple of peeks of the sun.  Perfect afternoon!


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