Such mixed emotions as this Round Rock Senior Photographer.  This senior is close to my heart.  When you watch someone grow up, seeing them reach a milestone like this is bittersweet…  (and makes you feel a little old).

This guy is special.  Patrick is my first ever future son in law.  Fourteen years ago, he and my daughter decided that they were going to get married.  At the time the big concern was that there was probably going to be a very awkward height difference and whether he would tolerate her vast snail collection.  Fast forward 14 years and the height issue is no longer an issue.  Who knew my daughter would top out at 5′ 4″?  Sadly, the romance between he and my daughter seems to have faded.  I guess growing up together tends to do minimize the mystery and intrigue that fuels teen relationships.



Patrick has reached the point where most of the moms who know him would love to claim him as their future son in law.  He is a amazingly talented guy.  I am pretty sure music is his first language.  He has been playing the guitar for the better part of the last decade and spent middle school and high school mastering the french horn.


In addition to all of his musical talents and achievements, he has become a star of the theater department as well.  He charmed most of Round Rock in his performance of Donkey in the high school’s performance of Shrek last year.



Beyond all of his talents and achievements, Patrick is just a great guy.   He is the whole package…  smart…  sweet…  talented and awesome.  We had a great session…  off roading, climbing into a river and dodging a couple of snakes…  Not sure if we will be reusing this location.

I am so excited about what the future has in store for him!

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