Four and a half years ago, I started second shooting weddings.  I started second shooting, in part because I wanted to be more confident in my skills before I took on the responsibility of someone’s big day, but also, because I wasn’t sure I would like weddings.  There was part of me that anticipated overly stressful, pretentious events with bratty brides.  I was so surprised when I realized that most brides are wonderful and when I found that I have so many favorite wedding moments that I love to be part of.

favorite wedding moments getting dressed

Favorite Wedding Moments: Getting Ready-

Usually the excitement filled moments of a bride her family and her close friends is endearing and sweet.   Today’s media portray “bridezilla” as the norm, but what I have found is, at least by wedding day, most brides are typically very sweet.

first look with dad

Favorite Wedding Moments: The First Look with Dad

Many brides today are making sure their photographer captures that first time their dad sees them.  This is always a very touching moment.  Some dads are criers, and some dads aren’t but it is always a special event.

favorite wedding moments first look with groom

Favorite Wedding Moments: The First Look with the Groom

Many brides today are bypassing conventional tradition in favor of a first look before going down the aisle.  Some brides still hold that tradition dear and sacred.  Either way, I love that first moment when the groom sees the bride.

moments before the aisle

Favorite Wedding Moments: Right Before Everyone Walks Down the Aisle

The anticipation…  The excitement…  The nervousness…  The last instructions to the children.  Definitely one of my favorite moments!

favorite wedding moments -Wedding Toasts

Favorite Wedding Moments: The Toasts

For me, the best wedding toasts are full of equal parts laughter and tears.  Honestly, I think the more personal, the better.  Proud dads, little brothers, life long friends telling their loved ones how much they mean to them…  telling the new spouse how they can see the love that the couple shares…  I think I could listen to toasts all day!  I love them!


Favorite Wedding Moments: The Guests having fun

There is something about a wedding!  All of the other couples in attendance seem to be a little more in love that day.  All of the family members seem just a little bit closer.  There is nothing like a wedding to celebrate all of the relationships in our lives.


Most of these images were taken while second shooting for Jennifer Weems.

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