Family Camp Rio Frio

This is the fourth summer that we have joined families from our church in going to the HEB Foundation’s Camp.  It is always an amazing part of our summer.  On some level it is like going back a couple of decades.  My kids leave for breakfast and are out running, swimming and playing until I have to drag them back to the cabin at lights out.  It is such a wonderful sight to watch big kids teaching little kids how to play games like monopoly, spoons and war.

Four days without phones, computers, televisions or any other sort of technology.  Four days of hiking, swimming, gaga ball and canoeing.  Four days of community, fellowship and worship.  It is always a fabulous time.

vacation-photos-2016_0010The camp is located in Southwest Texas on the Rio Frio River.  It is such a beautiful canyon.  It is in a pretty desolate area.  Cell reception is pretty bleak for the last 30 minutes of the drive as you approach camp.  You drive through pretty barren, west Texas terrain and then you drive down into this canyon…  this gorgeous canyon!


This year, I was asked to take some Family Camp Portraits.  What a fabulous idea!  Hmmm…   maybe family portraits AT camp are not the same as Family Camp Portraits.  After all, they did dress up a bit.  They had to pack fancy clothes, accessories, make up and hair tools.  (Those things don’t normally make an appearance at family camp.)    Family Camp Portraits might be more t-shirts, sandy feet and ponytails. For this particular family, HEB Camp has been a substantial part of their lives for years and years.  They were so excited that this was their grandson’s first year at camp.  The Rio Frio Canyon would be an amazing back drop for any family portraits, but when the family has such a deep connection with the area, it is even more meaningful and fabulous!

Family Camp Portraits

They are so excited to have a big canvas hanging over their fireplace showing their favorite people at their favorite place!


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