Let’s be honest people…  Usually professional extended family portraits happen only at weddings.

I, personally, come from a big…  close knit… extended family. 

Extended family portraits

…this is only my father’s side of my family and both of my oldest girls aren’t in this picture.

Having such a large group of people who love you unconditionally and who support you through ups and downs gives a person a strong foundation for life.   Most people think that family portraits are important.  Some families are even really good about getting them taken on an annual basis, but when is the last time you have had a professional photo taken with your grandparents?  With your cousins?

Coordinating an extended family portrait is an ordeal.  First, it is often difficult to get your whole family together.  Then, what do you tell everyone to wear?  Lets not even talk about how most photographers groan at the idea of extended family portraits.  It really is a lot of people to try and get to stand just there and to have a nice facial expression and to keep kids under control.  It also doesn’t allow that much room for creativity for the photographer.  B U T it is still important!

Extended family portraits

The above photo was pretty impromptu.  Kicking myself for not having someone move the goofy chair in the background.


This summer why I was visiting some dear friends I was able to capture some great images of her parents and all of their grand children.  The oldest grandchild is about to head off to college, so it was the perfect time to get this shot.

Grandparent Portraits


Grandparent Portraits

Having many cousins, I do think the cousin relationship is a special relationship.  One of the great advantages of getting extended family portraits is that it is the perfect opportunity to capture some great images celebrating that special relationship.

Cousin Portraits


Celebrate families!!!  They are a big part of why we a re who we are.


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