It might be a sign that I am getting old, but extended family portraits are becoming more and more important to me.  Honestly a lot of photographers cringe at large, extended family photos.  You have to do deal with a lot of people and it is hard to be creative in your posing.  Rarely will an extended family portrait take someone’s breath away like a well posed, well executed bride and groom portrait can.  But an extended family portrait reveals history, it reveals connections, heritage and legacy.  Extended family portraits should be a significant portion of Austin family photography.

I have spoke on this subject before.  I have posted about it a couple of times…  but it was time for me to actually prioritize it in my own life.

2017 is a big year for our family.  My mom will be celebrating her 70th birthday.  My daughter will be graduating from high school and my parents will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.  It seemed like a great reason to get a picture of all of us.

Austin Family Photography

Although we decided to take the picture, we still slotted it for Christmas day after dinner.  Of course when it is you own family, the rush isn’t there.  We were lacking the official appointment and we were just trying to catch the sun.

When you have a Heritage Extended Family Portrait Session, you also get the opportunity to capture great groupings that you normally wouldn’t get.  We took pictures of my dad with each of his grandchildren…  er…  well…  except for that one that got missed.  oops.

Austin Family Photography

These relationships are so special and often get captured in snap shots, but sometimes it is nice to get a great quality image to capture this connection.

Austin Family Photography

We also got a picture of my parents with all of their grandchildren.  Austin Family Photography

We also tried to get a couple of pictures of just my parents…  but sometimes photographer’s parents can act a lot like photographer’s children.

GBlair-2016--December 24, 2016-4-2blog

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