To capture the beauty of a girl I have watched grow up is one of the reasons I love senior photography.

Round Rock Senior Photography

Kinda crazy for me to think about how this beautiful girl is now a senior…  about to graduate…  about to head off to college.

I met her when she was in seventh grade.  I was lucky enough to get the chance to lead her in our youth group.  She was just as genuine and sweet as she is now.

Round Rock Senior Photography

Amazing eyes…  great skin…  a fabulous voice…  and then you get to know her and you like her even more!

Round Rock Senior Photography

We had a blast wandering around downtown Georgetown with Erin’s Mom and Grandmother, taking advantage of all of the cool textures that downtown Georgetown has to offer.

Austin Senior Photography

If you want to see the time I got Erin to parade herself downtown with a bunch of balloons, you can check it out here.


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