When is the best time to set up your appointment for your Senior Portraits?

Well…. That all depends. In Washington we actually had schools that still let the senior submit their own picture for their senior yearbook photo. That is pretty rare in Texas. But, that doesn’t mean that yearbook deadlines are unimportant. If your parents want to use your senior pictures in a senior ad in the back of the yearbook, then it is still important to get your session in before that cut off.

Sometimes parents like to pick some adorable, although sometimes embarrassing picture of you when you were like 3 for those senior ads. Wouldn’t it be nice to also include a gorgeous senior portrait just to balance it out and show the world that you aren’t still a 3 year old in dress up clothes?

It has become more and more popular to use your senior portraits in a custom graduation announcement. If that is your primary desire for your senior portraits, then it is perfectly acceptable to wait and have your session in the spring.

All in all it is just important to think about how you want to use your images and check when the deadlines are for your school’s yearbook.

Erin’s deadline for Senior Ads was early in September so, last time I was in Houston, we met and I captured some great shots of this beautiful girl so that her parents could get her senior ad ready to turn in.













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  • Jennifer Weems

    Such a beautiful girl! Love love love the Alice In Wonderland shot!!


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