Creative Shoots are food for my soul!  I don’t often get Seniors who want to incorporate tulle and flower crowns into their Senior session…  I mean…  we could…  It could be fabulous!   …but it isn’t the norm.  (Just for the record…  I would totally LOVE it.)  But last spring, high off of the inspiration of a recent conference, I ran down to the fabric store and bought some tulle, some wire and some flowers.  Then I got busy creating.  tulle and flower crowns - GBlair Photography

A free Saturday afternoon, some window light, my thunder gray background paper and an in-house model.  It was a pretty great day to spend the afternoon.

Tulle and Flower Crowns -2 GBlair Photography

I so LOVE these images.  Oh how I love tulle and flower crowns.   Check out the remnants of her temporary tattoo on her arm in the images above.  It shows how impromptu this little session was.


tulle and flower crowns 3 - GBlair Photography

For the record…  If you ever want to include tulle and flower crowns into your Senior (or other) session, I am totally up for that.  I would even be willing to provide the tulle skirt and the flower crown.  It would make a fun and fabulous addition to your typical senior session.



I really want/need to make the time to do these sorts of creative projects on a regular basis.  They feed my soul.   …but life gets busy and I get distracted.


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