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Family Books…  One my favorite products-  I  LOVE Family Books.  All too often during an ordering session, clients have a hard time narrowing down favorites.  When there there are several…several images that you love a family book preserves and showcases those images beautifully.  A typical family session usually results in about 35 images in your gallery.  There might be a place in your home to display a few of them, but maybe not enough room to display all of the images that you have fallen in love with.  Family books solve this dilemma perfectly!

The Book

These books highlight a custom image wrapped over a hard cover combined with either coordinating leather, fabric or suede.   The book features thick pages hinged at the binding so that the pages lay flat and images spread over both pages, looking amazing.   This book gorgeously preserves your images for future generations.


The Process

These family books preserve 15-20 of your favorite images from your session.  When you order a book we select about 15 images that are must have.  Then we choose another 5 or so images that are alternates, meaning that we fit them in if it goes with the design.  I then mock up a design and email it to you.  You a chance to make the changes that you want to see.  Then we order it and my awesome supplier produces this gorgeous final product.

It is a great way to preserve the images of your session for even generations to come.

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