What better way to kick start the Class of 2015 senior year than putting together a shoot for my senior representatives.  This was my first attempt at putting together a styled shoot.   There are a LOT of things that go into trying to put together a styled shoot.  There are so many things that have to get organized.

First Location…   I was blessed enough to get Shelli with the Lone Oak Barn to let us use her fabulous wedding venue!  It was a godsend because I needed an air conditioned place for the girls to get ready while I could be shooting other girls.

Second Theme…  I wanted a theme that would be fresh and fun but also help identify the different schools that the girls came from.  I tried for a powder puff football theme and then I wanted to be able for the girls to show their feminine side and wanted to do some sparklers during sunset pictures.

Third Makeup Artist…  I was able to book the fabulous  Shawn Brooks.

Fourth Girls…  I was lucky!  I found fabulous girls!

That doesn’t even count all of the little details that had to go into it.

Things seemed to be coming together swimmingly…  We did have some stumbling blocks.  Evidently Google maps might have been out to get me as it sent my makeup artist and one of my models to the opposite end of Round Rock.  You don’t realize how big Round Rock is until you try to get across it as rush hour kicks in.

The upside to a lost makeup artist is that it gave these girls a chance to chat and get to know each other.  The downside is that we got a really late start and probably really out stayed our welcome, B U T we got some great images!








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