Gabby is a Senior at Bellville High School.  We met in Round Top for some classic central texas senior pictures.  Gabby is a nut.  She describes herself as fun, outgoing and sarcastic and it is a very accurate description.


Gorgeous…  Goofy…  Gabby!


She had some amazing pose idea…  She specifically requested that this picture below make it onto my website.  She was proud of her arch climbing skills.

She took a couple of pictures with her brother and some with her childhood friend and showed off some of her diverse faces.  Her sense of humor is adorable and charming.  Gabby has gotten to participate in a lot of different activities during her high school years, but the most meaningful has been YoungLife and being on Work Crew last summer is her proudest achievement.  

…but wrapped up in all of this sillyness, is a amazingly beautiful girl with a great heart.

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