Parker | Senior Pictures with a Trombone

In Texas, we don’t really have as defined Senior Portrait season as some other areas of the country.  Usually, everyone’s main goal is to do have their session when it isn’t crazy hot.  It is finally not crazy hot!  I love when people bring instruments to their session.  I have had sessions with piccolos, flute, […]

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The Importance of Prettiness | Empowering Girls Beyond their Appearance.
empowering teen girls

My Dilemma I must admit…  One of my prouder motherhood moments is hearing that my 9-year-old daughter’s response to someone telling her that her clothes weren’t the right brand was “well, you are just shallow.” If you know me personally, you know that could care less about superficial things.  I don’t follow trends or celebrities. […]

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Team Eighteen!!! Senior Portrait Experience

Because who you are right now can’t really be captured in a mediocre, generic photo session, I am excited to announce team EIGHTEEN, the senior portrait experience. I am excited I have the most EPIC opportunity to work with a group of young ladies who are smart, kind, outgoing, funny and beautiful inside and out! I […]

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