Casa Blanca Wedding

There is a certain joy when you get to photography the wedding of a family friend.  You know more of the history, you know the family members, you know the friends…  Photographing Rebecca and Matt’s Casa Blanca Wedding was only of those joys!

Casa Blanca on Brushy Creek is a venue that the bride grew up near and always wanted to have their wedding there and it was such a great venue for them.


Casa Blanca Wedding

Rebecca’s family is a family that we know through church so it was an added bonus to actually get to photograph a wedding at my church.  The church has some amazing architecture and stained glass.

This blue care has been in the Bride’s family for years and has some very special meaning.  It also made an amazing backdrop for some sweet photos of this adorable couple.

When the Bridesmaids came out for their special dance in full T-Rex costume, the crowd LOVED it!  It was such a great combination of the personality of this group and the Bride’s love of dinosaurs!  The pavilion in the back of the venue made this Casa Blanca Wedding perfect!

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