This whole blog thing is SO hard to keep up with.  I kind of compare it to having a pet fish…  or house plants.  I struggle with pet fish…. and house plants.  They don’t make noise.  They don’t get in your face and demand attention.   Before you know it they are flailing and have been neglected for far too long.  Just knowing that my kids are going to get in my face and ask about dinner has me think and prepare for it ahead of time.  Knowing that my clients are looking forward to their images, pushes me to make sure I stay on top of everything and get their images out to them.  My little blog has no voice.  Sure, I do have a little reminder on my phone that beeps reminding me to blog three times a week, but if I ignore it, the only person I really disappoint is myself.  So here it is…  I have ignored my  little blog for far too long.

To perk things up around here, here are some images from an engagement shoot this spring.

2014-04-29_0005 2014-04-29_0004 2014-04-29_0003 2014-04-29_0002 2014-04-29_0001

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