The first day of my workshop with Spanki Mills was spent discussing things like marketing, client relations, location selection and lots of other good stuff that would probably bore non photographers. On day two we met up, after a lunch at Yagas, for some shooting in Galveston’s Strand district. One of our models was Allison. This gorgeous redhead is a Cougar at University of Houston. (It isn’t a commentary on her dating life, the cougar is the official mascot of U of H.)


I am always a big fan of sticking a pretty girl in an ugly alley. You get some pretty amazing pictures.


After Ann and I felt like we had exhausted our little section of alleyway that we were shooting in, Spanki came and brought us into the light. A parking lot filled with cars is not a typical shooting location that I go for… but I ALWAYS love back light!!! How gorgeous is Allison when she glows like an angel?


and finally, I grabbed her later when I saw how nicely this other alley framed her and grabbed this shot… which might be my favorite of the workshop. Maybe…


2 thoughts to “Allison | Spanki Mills Workshop

  • JennifeJennifer

    Just beautiful. She could easily be a Blair with her beautiful hair and eyes.

  • Kim De Araujo

    Beautiful girl and beautiful job!!! Love that last alley shot as well.


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