personal-1-3WEYes….    I am one of those dorks whose passion for photography started with a 110 camera and barbie dolls.  Coming from an artistic family, creating and designing is just a vital life function for me.  My husband swears that there might be a major crisis in progress and instead of stopping it right away, I have to snap a picture of it first.   …he might be right.  Such is the life of a photographer.

I am the crazy mom…  that might have more kids than sense.  My five kids keep life a little chaotic and full of the unexpected.  With kids ranging from elementary to college, I have witnessed the confidence of toddlerhood grow into the insecurities of the teen years.

Photography has an amazing ability to shape our perception.  Have you ever noticed how our true memories blur with the images that hang on our walls?  In my core, I truly believe that beauty resides deep within our soul, but I also know how important a stunning image can be.  As a mother, I know what it is like to look at a picture of my child and be disappointed that the picture shows so little of the beauty that I see, the beauty that I know is there.  I know how baffling it can be to wonder why no one else seems to see that beauty or even the frustration when our children themselves don’t see it.   Additionally, I also know how wearing the day to day activities of a normal family can be.  I know that although you love your family dearly, there are times that you feel the bulk of your interactions with each other consist of nagging and correcting.  For most families, an accurate lifestyle portrait session might take place in your car, as you are handing out sports equipment and reviewing pick up schedules, missing all of the love and connection that is at the core of your family.

I want to help you create photographs not necessarily of life as it is, but life as you want to remember it.  I want to capture the joy and the beauty that really does exist when you filter out some of the craziness of life.