I used to think I wasn’t vain.  I prided myself in being the parent of the children who excitedly wore the outfit that they had picked out themselves, despite not matching and being the wrong season.  I thought that the people who signed their children up for plastic surgery were conforming to society’s standard of beauty instead of helping their child find strength and beauty in themselves.  Sure, I love to dress up occasionally and I love to see my girls all dolled up, but I don’t think it is necessary to be beautiful.    …but I have to admit

…I was blessed with gorgeous children.


Then, when my 3rd daughter was 4 1/2 she was diagnosed with strabismus.  One of her gorgeous blue eyes started turning inward.  At first it was corrected with glasses.   Then, right before her 5th birthday, she got bi-focals.  Then we started patching.  All of the sudden, my gorgeous girl was incredibly awkward.  Not the normal awkward that comes with huge adult teeth on a child sized face that most kids experience, but a different, isolating awkward.    Her crossed eye is the first thing you see when you look at her.   It takes the attention of her beautiful face, her adorable freckles and her sweet demeanor.  At first when her glasses corrected the strabismus, the thought of putting her through surgery just for her appearance seemed to go against everything I had always held dear.  Now the choice has been made for me.  The glasses no longer help her.  In two weeks she will undergo surgery.







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