It is a New Year.  I am hoping to make 2016 a great year.

In years past I have participated in 365 day projects and other 52 projects.  Sadly…  more often than not, life gets busy and my personal projects get saved to the back corner.  In years past by the time March comes, my project is nothing but a memory.  I know that with my kids, my business, my other obligations, my netflix addiction…  a 365 project, where I take a photo a day, is more than I could keep up with.  But a 52 project, one picture a week…  hopefully I can keep up with that.  I have found that when I do participate in these sorts of challenges, I test my creativity, I try new things and I really do better my craft and my vision.

There is part of me that is a perpetual student and with that, I do best when given an assignment for these types of challenges.  I found this one from Dogwood Photography.

The first weeks challenge was a self portrait.  Bleh…Not my favorite.  I always prefer to be on the other side of the camera.

So for my self portrait, I wanted to play with a different lighting technique.  For this image I set up two flashes illuminating the wall behind me.  Then I placed two reflectors in front of me to light up my face, then I set up my camera, turned it to self timer and took a bunch of pictures.

The crazy thing about self portraits is that even when you know posing basics, it is still really hard when you can’t see the image in the camera.  Because I didn’t have someone seeing the camera’s view and making adjustments, I had to run back and forth about 15 times to get a decent picture.

Self portraits really are an art.  I guess with enough practice I could get good at it.   Don’t hold your breath though.  I think I will stick with taking pictures of other people.


52 Project Self Portrait

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