Macro Photography

This week’s theme was candy.  There were so many possibilities with this theme, but I decide to play with my macro photography skills.

My Background

I wish I was super knowledgable in macro photography.  As a portrait photographer, most of my pictures are taken at a distance of 5-10 meters.  Occasionally on newborns, I will take close ups of their little toes, lips and eyelashes, but other than that, the only time I test out my macro photography skills is when taking ring shots at weddings and for personal projects.

Macro Photography

Loosely defined, Macro Photography is “Close Up” photography.  More accurately macro shots are when the size of the subject recorded on the camera’s sensor is 1/10 of or closer the actual size.  Bugs, flowers, snowflakes and water droplets are common macro subjects.  Crazy enough, it takes way more than just getting close to your subject to get a good macro shot.


How I shot this

I bought some skittles…  I placed them on a white sheet of paper.  Then, I took a piece of glass set upon 3 jars to give it distance from the skittles.  Then I wanted water droplets on the glass.  First thing I figured out…  Water on the glass didn’t give the bubble I was looking for.  I ended up using hand soap.  Hand soap was tricky because it is messy, stringy and hard to work with.

macro photography

What I learned

In the past, I have learned the hard way that you need a small aperture to get proper focus in macro shots.  Depth of field is determined by a combination of aperture, focal length and distance from the subject.  Because I was shooting from about 8″ with a 100mm lens, my aperture needed to be pretty high.  I shot most of these at f/8-f/16, which required a flash.  Trying to figure out what I wanted in focus and what I wanted out of focus was the challenge for me.  I played around with the aperture, the distance between the skittles and the glass and the lighting.

macro photography

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