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This weeks challenge is the basic headshot.  Sometimes it can be hard to show personality with a simple headshot…   But then again…  There is this kid…  my youngest…

I am posting this a week late because I have gotten behind on my project.  I knew I would.  I like to over complicate things.  My original intention for this headshot project was to build this cool “diy eye lighter.”  It is a curved reflector to help add more light into the subjects eyes.  I opted to not make it right now…  and I grabbed the kid who was closest to me and took some pictures.  Five year old boys could care less about headshot.  They aren’t overly excited to play model for their mom’s personal project…  but…  This sweet boy loves his mom.  What these pictures don’t show is him trying to jump as I took the picture.  These pictures make it look way easier than it was to get him to stop being silly…  just for a moment.  Each of these images show a slightly different side of my adorable boy.  I have a hard time trying to pick a favorite out of these.  I think that these would best be displayed together.

These images show that when shooting corporate or professional headshots, it is important to consider your audience and what sort of attitude you want to portray.  A headshot for a banking executive needs to have a whole different look and feel than a headshot of a ministry director.   Actors often have multiple headshots, sending different ones for different parts.
gblair photography headshot

He is such a stinker…  but I love him so!

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